Davis Weather Envoy

$452.194 IVA incluido

El Wireless Weather Envoy de Davis Instruments le permite recibir y almacenar datos de un conjunto de sensores integrados Vantage Pro2 o Vantage Vue y publicarlos en su computadora, sin necesidad de consola

The Davis Instruments Wireless Weather Envoy allows you to receive and store data from a Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue integrated sensor suite and post it to your computer, no console required. The 6316 Wireless Weather Envoy is used in conjunction with either a USB or Serial WeatherLink data-logger that allows you to collect and store data from the outdoor sensors. You can then download the data to your computer at your convenience,then use the Davis WeatherLink software that is available for download via your free WeatherLink account at www.weatherlink.com for detailed analysis, graphing, or export the data to most popular spreadsheet, database, and word processing programs. Even create your own webpage. This setup will also allow you to view current conditions, real time on your PC.

It includes its own barometer, inside temperature, humidity sensors and AC power adapter. The 6614 Solar Power Kit can be used for outdoor applications that do not have AC power available.

Please note: The Weather Envoy requires a WeatherLink data-logger and software which is NOT included. The Weather Envoy is not compatible with the Davis Live hub.

Similar to the Weather Envoy, the Davis 6318 Envoy8X is also available. Here is a comparison of the two products:

Features Comparison Weather Envoy Envoy8X
Can listen to up to eight (8) transmitters Yes Yes
Maximum number of Integrated Sensor Suites (ISS) 1 8
Maximum number of Anemometer/Sensor Transmitter Kits 1* 8
Maximum number of Leaf & Soil Moisture/Temperature Stations 1** 8
Maximum number of Temperature Stations 3 8
Maximum number of Temperature/Humidity Stations 2 8
Stored memory capacity: 1 ISS at 30 minute update 45 days 5 years
How is data viewed? On PC using
On PC using
Envoy8X software
or WeatherLink
Most frequent logging interval 1 minute 10 seconds
Works with WeatherLink LIVE No No
External databases supported None Access, MySQL,
MS SQL Server
Can export data directly to Excel No Yes
Retransmits to another receiver Yes No
Works with third-party sensors No Yes
Compatible with repeaters Yes Yes
Supports 0.1 mph (0.1 m/s) wind speed reading resolution No Yes***
* When used to extend Vantage Pro2 anemometer from the ISS, otherwise 0.
** Can use 2 only if one is leaf wetness and one is soil moisture.
*** When using a Vantage Vue ISS (Vantage Vue console does not support this resolution).


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